‘The Curious Case of the Clockwork Cleaner’ is a wonderful game which develops team building, vocabulary and literacy skills. The students thoroughly enjoyed solving this crime and being tested by the complexness of the clues. A great activity to host with all year groups in secondary schools.'

Ms E.Suffield, LRC Manager, St Wilfred's C of E Academy

'This is a fantastic game which our students really enjoyed. It provided a great buzz in our Learning Zone, particularly with the body outline on the floor!'

Ms S.Bird, Learning Zone Manager,

The Helena Romanes School

'Our students really got involved with this mystery. Even though some of them followed the red herrings, they really enjoyed working out the clues and making the connections to find the answer.'

Ms D.Barbour, Librarian,

Royal Wootton Bassett Academy

'This was an excellent and engaging activity. We had

students approaching us just to say 'this is so much

fun', and many wanted to remain behind to work out

all the clues. Overall, they were absolutely hooked and

really wanted to get to the bottom of the mystery!'

Mr M.Sykes, Teacher of English, Oriel High School